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Warsaw is a very popular place among tourists. Every year, many people appear in the Polish capital who intend to visit this beautiful city. However, few people realize that Warsaw has not always been an attractive place.

Warsaw was badly damaged during World War II

Definitely the city was very damaged, and thus often even many historians describe the destruction of Warsaw as the leveling of the city with land. Unfortunately, although the capital was rebuilt very quickly after the war, a lot of work was not done solidly, and above all from good materials.

Therefore, after many years, many works and renovations have been improved in many places in Warsaw. Recent renovations have been carried out according to the highest quality standards and under the watchful eye of monument conservators. World-class materials were selected that fit into the historical context and met the conditions of restaurateurs. The final effect consists of impressive monuments that delight the eyes of tourists and Warsaw residents.

It is for this reason that in recent years tourists are so eager to visit this city, because nowadays many of the most important monuments look completely different than, for example, several years ago.

We should remember that in Warsaw we will find not only numerous monuments, but also interesting museums. One of them is certainly vodka museum Warsaw – . In vodka museum in Warsaw we can find many interesting exhibits as well as learn about the history of this drink. The guides will also show us how the liquor is made and how many stages the whole process is divided into.

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