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There are many places, that should be visited, especially by families with children, which are really interested in gettin some additional knowledge. Among those places is a unique park located in the southern part of Poland, where adults and kids can see gigantic, interactive dinosaurs, interesting insects and even… Greek Gods! What is this place?

Special complex of parks

Zatorland is a park of education and fun located in small town, Zator. It is a complex of four parks, each of them devoted to different topic. Young fans of dinosaurs will be able to see many interactive creatures, making sounds and moving. It is the biggest place of this sort in eastern part of the Europe.

What is more, there is a possibility to check out interesting bugs in an enlarged scale. Some of them are even interactive as well! Those things can be seen in insects park: a place, which will gather as many fans as people, who will not like it.

Interesting trip on water

In Zatorland, there are two parts, which will meet the requirements of young and old: the mythology park and lunapark. The first of them will be interesting even for those, who are no fans of greek mythology, as the whole trip is taken in a boat, on a water. This will be great fun for everyone.

The last park, is purely for fun and motor development. There are many attractions, such as carousels, slides, inflatables and many more – for big and little ones.

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