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jewish quarter krakow

Krakow is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. It is the second largest Polish city that is visited by millions of tourists each year. What is worth visiting in Krakow and why is it so charming?

Old town charm

The most popular place in Krakow is definitely the market square where the St. Mary’s church and the tower of the former town hall are located. It is also a place where you can find many pubs with local food. For this reason, tourists are particularly fond of this place. There are also Cloth Hall on the market, where you can buy local souvenirs.

Part of the history

Krakow is not only a market. It is also worth visiting other places, such as the Kazimierz district. It is a historical Jewish district that has its charm until now. You can find there several synagogues and buildings whose architecture refers to the Jewish style. People interested in Jewish cuisine can find some very good pubs there. It is a charming place that is the destination of numerous trips. These jewish quarter Krakow are very popular among tourists and locals.

Krakow is a very interesting city, where there are a lot of very interesting places and monuments. Starting from the market square, through the Wawel castle, ending in Kazimierz. In addition, other interesting places can be found in the area. Krakow is a lively city visited by many tourists. You can also meet many students and local residents there. Each of them will confirm that there is no other city like Krakow, even in the whole world.

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