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Poland is a beautiful country and while visiting it, choosing the best places to see might be tricky – as many of them are worth it. Today, the topic is the best Zakopane tours one can take while in town. What to see in Zakopane?

Krupówki – one of the most beautiful streets

Some people might say that being in mountains and walking on a promenade might be a weird idea. Still, Tatra trips shouldn’t be taken everyday, as muscles need time to recover and still – even after coming back from a long walk in the mountains, one should it something. Krupówki is the best place to do so: the most appreciated Zakopane restaurants are located there. When in town, no one should leave without trying the local special: smoked cheese! It can be prepared from different kinds of milk and it’s really delicious.

Morskie Oko Lake

The lake is located in the mountains and requires a two hours long walk to get there. It’s worth all the effort, as it’s the biggest and the prettiest lake in Tatra Mountains. Also, the walk itself is quite an enjoyable experience, as the nature around is amazing!

Mountain hiking

Zakopane is located in the foot of Tatra Mountains, which makes taking the trips really easy. There are many routes to choose from and no matter which will be chosen, one thing can be said for sure: the view will be incredible. As the wildlife in the mountains is also quite rich, there is a chance of seeing a brown bear, marmot, lynx and many more.

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