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When you are with friends in the capital of Poland, you have to see some places. One of them, amogst other importany locations, is Warsaw Vodka Museum. This is a place, where you can learn about history of vodka making and interesting polish traditions, including this alcohol.

Five hundred years of history

Even though it’s hard to believe, vodka is a part of Poles’ lives for at least five centuries. In the museum you can find out, how the whole thing began and how did the process changed. One of many things you can learn there is the difference between vodka we know nowadays and the drink, which was prepared many years ago.

If you are interested in somewhat more cultural aspects of alcohol drinking, you can check out the part of exhibition about traditions and importance of vodka in Polish culture. Have you ever wondered, why is this alcohol drank during many important occasions? Now, you have a chance to find out.

A place worth seeing

What is more, the museum is a part of old Warszawska Wytwórnia Wódek „Koneser”. This is exactly the place where Wyborowa and Luksusowa were produced in the interwar period. The whole building was made back in nineteenth century and was renovated and adapted in order to place exhibitions inside.

Although the museum is definitely worth visiting, not everyone can do it. As the topic of exhibitions isn’t mwant for children, the tickets can be sold only for people over the age of 18. It means that if you are visiting the town with kids, you will have to either visit the museum some other time, or find another interesting activity for them.

Not only history and culture

Highly interactive exhibitions cover the history of vodka making, most important Polish traditions and even a list of the most common ingredients used to create vodka.

What is more, you can also try the alcohol made from wheat, rye and potatoes – and check the differences. The sampling takes place under supervision of experienced employee, who can answer all your questions, which arised during the visit.

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