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Krakow nightlife

Spending a night at Krakow might be a great experience, if one knows where to go and what to see. While in a daylight everyone knows that Wawel and the Old Town are the best places to visit and see – it’s not so obvious for the Krakow nightlife. Where to go to have the best party?

The city center is the best option

When a person doesn’t know Krakow very well, the city center is one of the best locations to spend the time at partying. It’s close to pretty much every part of the town (so it doesn’t matter, where the person is staying over) and also full of options.

Even during the day it can be noticed, that many clubs and pubs are located in the strict center of Krakow. That’s a really good news for those, who they are not yet aware of the topography of the city: it can be reached by many public transport options.

Feeling lonely? No problem!

Krakow nightlife

A feeling of loneliness is common between people, who are new in town and still don’t have many friends. Luckily, if by this 'new town’ one means Krakow, it’s one of the best places to find new friends. Not only it has many clubs, but also there are organized events called pub crawling, during which one can find some friends and see the best drinking places in the whole town.

To sum up, Krakow is a great city and offers an amazing nightlife. People who give it a chance spend a lot of time outside, making memories and meeting new friends for life!

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