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While visiting Poland, you might wonder, what are the best places to visit. Many Polish cities are really beautiful and worth seeing and the same thing goes with Warsaw, where you can see an unique vodka museum. Is it worth a shot?

Warsaw Vodka Museum – complex history of preparing alcohol

Poles are really attached to vodka. This aclohol is with them at many important occasions, such as weddings or birthday parties. There are even many interesting traditions concerning this alcohol. If you are interested in learning some of those stories, you can visit the museum: it covers almost six hundred years of history of vodka making. Also, the building where the museum is located, used to be a vodka factory, which was shut down some years ago: „Koneser”. Owners of the museum renovated some part of the complex and prepared interesting exhibitions.

At the exhibition you can see, how vodka was prepared at first, how the process changed over the years and how it looks like now. There are also interesting display units, such as very old empty bottles of vodka na so. You can even watch a movie about this alcohol and learn about many interesting facts during the showing.

Not only exhibitions

The tour itself happens in Polish and English on a daily basis. If you need a guide speaking another language, inform the staff a few days prior: this way you can be sure that the person will be available. There is also a possibility to book an exclusive tour at night with a group of friends.

At the end of your tour, you get an one in a time chance to sample different types of vodka and discuss the differences with experienced museum worker. What is more, employees will be more than happy to answer all questions, which arose during the sampling process. From time to time, the museum also organizes special courses, on which you can learn how to prepare delicious drinks with vodka.

Everyone likes souvenirs: if you’d like to buy some, make sure to visit the shop located at the museum and get some interesting keepsake.

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