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Stag do in Krakow

Krakow is a place where every year you can meet many people from all over the world. No wonder, because it is a place where you can find a lot of sights and attractions to fill your free time. Thus, it is one of the best places for a bachelor party. What can you do there?

Party in an interesting place

Clubbing in a limousine or in other non-stadium means of transport: double-decker bus, Hummer, van. You can lure the groom into the rented vehicle with a trick and circulate around town from party to party.
If you plan to stop for a longer time in some places, be sure to make reservations, you will avoid the disappointment of leaving with a receipt from the gate. Maybe driving around the city with wild shouts, in a car throbbing with music seems childish to some, but for many serious everyday men in suits it can turn out to be a total fun. More information can be found on PartyKrakow website.

Racing for motoring fans

Stag do in Krakow

Go-karts or specially prepared cars can be raced on specially prepared tracks. Men like speed, the whirr of the engine, and the smell of burning rubber. Such a race on the track will surely delight the „bachelor” and his companions, especially if they can compete for the track cup!
And for driving maniacs on the edge there are drifting courses. Voucher for the course is a great idea for a gift for a groom, who is a fan of cars. It is not only impressive balancing on the pavement, driving in a controlled slide, but also testing yourself and learning how to safely get out of difficult situations. Emotions guaranteed!

In conclusion, stag do in Krakow is an ideal idea for spending an active evening. In this way, you can go on an interesting clubbing, using a luxury limousine or a party bus. If you still have some free time before the party, it is worth choosing go-kart racing, which will charge the whole team with positive emotions! Then, you can go to the one of the best clubs which you can find nearby the city centre. It makes the great condition to spent a totally active night!

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