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Recently, there are many places in Poland where nature is legally protected. This is because nowadays the natural environment is very endangered and thus many species of plants and animals are dying out. This is a very dangerous condition, when a person destroys the environment in which we lives and in which we do not really survive. For this reason, not only many nature reserves have been created recently, but in particular national parks. These are very beautiful places and, what is important, protected by law. So where can we find an attractive National Park in Poland?

National Park near Krakow

Definitely every National Park in Poland is a very attractive place and it is worth going everywhere. However, especially in Krakow, it is worth going to Ojcow National Park. Very often for many tourists who, for example, came to Krakow by plane or came by train or bus, numerous trips are organized in this place.

In the popular National Park Ojcow we can find many beautiful places. This is a valley where we can see the only chapel in Poland built on the water, as well as a very attractive castle where many movies were shot. One should not forget that there is also a much different climate there than, for example, in nearby towns. More and more people are deciding to visit this National Park, because we can also find numerous caves there. Most of them are open to tourists. Certainly the hallmark of this National Park is a large rock, which due to its shape is called the Hercules club.

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