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Mountain Tours from Krakow

There is so much to do in Krakow, but it is a city that feels like it’s cut off from the rest of the world. It remains something of a secret, which makes it a perfect place to explore outside activities. If you enjoy getting into nature then you will love these mountain tours from Krakow! These are our favorite excursions from Krakow. Each one has something unique to offer and you will find something here no matter what season you visit in.

Visit Zakopane, the Winter Capital of Poland!

Zakopane is a vibrant town filled with history, culture, and natural beauty. It is often referred to as the winter capital of Poland. The main reason for this is because of the large number of tourists that visit during the winter. In fact, winter Zakopane has become so popular that it has become a major draw for tourists from all over the world. But, the winter season is not the only time when Zakopane is a great place to visit. In the summer it is equally as popular, thanks to its warm weather and natural wonders. There are many different things to do in Zakopane, but one of the best is visiting the Botanical Gardens. The gardens are beautiful and are home to more than 120 species of flowers, trees, and shrubs. You will be sure to see something no matter what time of year you visit. The gardens are also home to several different animals, including seals and a flamingo lake. Another great thing to do in Zakopane is to explore the many hiking trails that are located throughout the area. You will find hiking trails for all skill levels, and they are a great way to experience the natural beauty of the region. If you like skiing, there are also plenty of winter activities for you to enjoy. Zakopane is considered one of the top winter destinations in Europe, and it draws skiers from all over the world.

Dunajec River Rafting Tours from Krakow

Mountain Tours from Krakow

Rafting on the Dunajec River is one of the most popular activities in the Tatra Mountains – and for good reason. These are the most beautiful, yet challenging rapids in Central Europe. They come in three levels and are certain to provide an adrenaline rush. Rafting is a great activity for almost anybody, and is suitable for both families and groups of friends. If you are visiting in the spring, you will have the added bonus of seeing the incredible spring flowers that Tatra is known for. There are three levels of rapids on the Dunajec River, and rafting tours are offered for all three. The Upper Dunajec is the easiest and perfect for families with children. The Middle Dunajec is a bit more challenging, but still suitable for all ages. The Lower Dunajec is the most challenging, and only for those that want a real adventure.


There are so many great mountain tours from Krakow, but our favorites are visiting Zakopane in the winter in the spring, and kayaking on the Dunajec River in the summer. If you love nature and outdoor activities, you will love these mountain tours from Krakow! If you are visiting Krakow, we recommend that you take advantage of the outdoor activities that are available nearby. These activities are not only great ways to experience nature, but also to learn about the culture and history of the region.

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