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Being in Krakow, we most often think about visiting all popular places in the city center, spending some wonderful moments in parks and on the main square, and in the evening spend wonderful time in one of Krakow’s clubs. However, it is worth remembering that apart from the center, many interesting places can be found outside of Krakow itself. One such place is the Auschwitz Birkenau German extermination camp. Why should I see this place while I’m in Krakow?

The true face of war

People usually associate war with fighting groups of soldiers from two hostile countries. However, it should be remembered that many innocent civilians also die during the war. Very often in extremely vile conditions. A perfect example of how ruthless a man can be to others is the German Auschwitz Birkenau concentration camp. It is a place where nearly 1.5 million people of different nationalities died. In this tragic place, however, the most Poles and Jews died.

Why should I visit Auschwitz?

birkenau tour
Birkenau Tour

Birkenau tour from Krakow should be the choice of every person visiting Krakow. On site you can see what the camp looked like and how it operated for 5 years of war. Many of the buildings have already been destroyed, but you can still learn the tragic history of many millions of people. You can see gas chambers in which people died and crematoria, where their corpses were burned. During the Birkenau tour you can learn the tragic history of this place and the stories of many people who came to live in this place. This is undoubtedly a piece of history that everyone should know and, in the event of a trip to Krakow, take advantage of the Aushwitz tour.

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