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underground museum krakow

Spending a few days in Krakow is a very good idea for an interesting city-break. This type of vacation can be very relaxing and interesting, because Krakow is a city with a rich history, in which there are many interesting monuments. Visiting Krakow, you can come across many interesting festivals, so it’s worth planning your stay in advance. What can you find in Krakow?

First of all, the underground museum!

Not many people know yet, but Krakow has one of the most interesting museums in Poland. Of course, it is about the Underground Museum Krakow (click to read more). It is a place that is constantly gaining popularity among tourists. Many people visit the Krakow market just to see this intriguing place. In the museum tourists can learn the history of Krakow residents who lived in this city in the Middle Ages. The exhibits will also allow you to learn about the interesting history of the Krakow castle.

Not just the market

If you want to see something interesting, you should also go deeper into the city. You can find interesting places like the Aviation Museum. It is a museum primarily for aircraft fans. In addition, some interesting moments can be spent in the botanical garden, and people interested in science can go in search of a radio telescope!

Krakow has many interesting attractions. Undoubtedly, one of the most interesting places in Krakow is the Underground Museum Krakow, which is worth visiting on every trip to this city. In addition, it is worth going outside the city center because Krakow is a big enough city and hides many other charming places.

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