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Warsaw is a very beautiful city, which is chosen by many tourists every year. Regardless of the season, you can see a lot of interesting places there, as well as visit the monuments. So why should you go to Warsaw? What is the best way to get to this city?

Warsaw is a very beautiful city

It is definitely more and more recently that you travel a lot. This is not surprising, because borders are now open, and you also have much better means of transport. For this reason, people in particular in Europe often travel around the largest capitals. Just like the west of Europe, Warsaw is an equally popular capital.

It is best to come to Warsaw by plane because there are many connections from around Europe. However, you should not forget that you will successfully reach the Polish capital by many highways.

Being in this city is worth buying accommodation for a few days, because in one day you may not see many monuments. You should remember that it is a very good idea to set an exact plan of the trip. Only thanks to this you will have everything planned and you will use our time properly.

If you visit Warsaw only among adults, you can definitely afford much more entertainment than, for example, travelling with young children. Polish vodka museum in Warsaw, among others, is very popular among tourists. In the Polish vodka museum Warsaw (read more: that you can learn exactly the history of this Polish drink. Certainly, every foreigner who comes to Poland decides to buy a vodka and therefore it is worth knowing exactly what this alcohol is and how it is produced.

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