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If you ever gave yourself that question, it might be best to visit Warsaw Vodka Museum. It’s a place, which not only will answer that question, but also – gives an unique opportunity to see how the process changed during the years.

Back then and now

The museum shows over 6 hunderd of years of history in vodka making. People around the world appreciate the unique taste of this alcohol, which is so important for polish tradition. In the museum you can also learn to make the best drinks with vodka and how it tastes best. At one of the exhibitions you can also see, what exactly is needed in order to prepare the best polish alcohol.

The expedition shows you how the process of vodka brewing looked like centuries ago and what had changed over the years. Parts of them are regular exhibitions and some – interactive. There is also a small cinema room, in which you can see interesting movies about vodka and its making process.

How to buy tickets?

Uou can do it at the museum or online. Please notice, that the museum can be visited only by adults, so if children are with you, you can either find them another interesting thing to do under supervision of others or you have to visit another time.

The tours are organized in Polish and English. For other languages, you have to contact the museum staff a few days prior to your visit. Some of them (i.e. German) are available with a 2-3 days further notice. Don’t forget to check the gastronomic part, where you can try the real polish vodka and other stuff!

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