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hop on hop off krakow

Krakow is a great city to explore by bus and there are many different companies that run tours of the Old Town. If you plan to take one of these tours as part of your stay, we recommend booking in advance. Tickets can easily be purchased at one of the many ticket kiosks or directly from the company when you arrive at Krakow Central Bus Station (KBB). Prices vary depending on the type of trip, the length of the trip, and whether you want to take a special bus route or just hop-on-hop-off for a set price. The first buses are substituted half an hour before the correct time each day, so check with the Krakow Tourist Information Center for exact times before you plan your day.

How to hop-on-hop-off a Krakow Bus

These tours provide a mobile way to explore the city with the advantage of being able to visit places that are not always open to the public, such as Wawel Castle and Krakow’s Jewish quarter. If you’re looking for the best way to explore Krakow, a hop-on hop-off bus tour is a great way to do it. There are many different companies that offer such tours, including Krakow City Tour Krakow. The advantage of using one of these companies available here, for example, is that they offer many different routes and you can choose the one that fits your schedule. If you are staying in the Old Town and want a tour that focuses on it, you can choose a tour that visits many of the city’s most popular sights.

Why use Hop On Hop Off Bus Cracow?

hop on hop off krakow

If you want a more comprehensive tour of Krakow, especially one that covers different regions of the city and surrounding areas a hop-on-hop-off bus tour is the best way to travel. Depending on the company you book with, these tours can allow you to hop on and off as many times as you want, as well as visit other points of interest along the route. Some companies also offer special night tours that let you see the city illuminated by fairy lights after dark. Hop-on-hop-off bus tours are a great way to see the city quickly. There is no need to make reservations in advance and you don’t have to stay on the bus for the entire tour. You can visit the Old City and explore the various neighborhoods at your leisure, then get off and explore other parts of the city on your own.

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