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Krakow shooting range

Every bachelor party should be an unforgettable experience. For this reason, people responsible for the organization of this type of event are looking for the best solutions. A trip abroad is often considered, which additionally makes the event exciting. It is worth making a plan for the whole day or weekend to complete everything and enjoy it as much as possible.

How to plan a bachelor party in Krakow?

A bachelor party should be an active party. Especially when it takes place in a city like Krakow. The historic capital of Poland has many attractions and places to visit and looks especially beautiful when the weather is good. In such circumstances, you can have a really successful party!

To spend this day actively, it is worth starting with something interesting. Krakow shooting range ( can be an ideal place, especially when shooting ranges are illegal in your country. There is no such problem in Poland and you can find some nice places where many different types of weapons are available. This way you can shoot both a pistol and a rifle or shotgun.

Krakow shooting range

What’s later?

Krakow offers a very wide offer in terms of nightlife, and the number of clubs located a short distance from the market square is simply overwhelming. That is why it is worth choosing this city as a place for a bachelor party, especially since food and alcohol are plentiful! People planning a longer trip to Krakow can find many interesting places to stay near the market square. This makes it one of the best places to spend your last party as a single!

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