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Poles are increasingly willing to travel the world. This is not surprising, because it is very easy nowadays and it is not as expensive as it was several decades ago. Borders are also open, in particular in the European Union. For this reason, many countries are experiencing the invasion of a large number of tourists, which not only makes the economy survive much better, but also the state gets richer. So what are the most visited places by Europeans?

Warsaw is more and more often chosen

It’s no secret that it is not completely secure in many regions of Europe today. Even in very rich countries, which have so far boasted a large number of tourists, because people came to see the monuments, now tourism slows down. Unfortunately, people are afraid of terrorist attacks, so they choose equally charming places, but more secure.

On the map of Europe, Warsaw is certainly such a place, where more and more tourists come to it every year. A very big advantage of this place is the fact that it is completely safe there. We should not forget that prices are not too high there. For this reason, many tourists, especially those coming from behind the western border, decide not only to spend the weekend, but sometimes the whole vacation in Warsaw.

Undoubtedly, there are many attractions in the Polish capital that will appeal not only to adults, but also to children. When deciding to stay in Warsaw, we must first create a very good trip plan. Modern museums are very popular places, of which there are many in capitol of the country. Polish warsaw vodka museum is very popular among others. More and more tourists are choosing Polish vodka museum Warsaw, because in a very short time we can see many interesting exhibits and learn a little more about this drink.

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