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tours of Cracow

Krakow is one of the most popular destinations in Poland. The city has a lot to offer both young and old people. In this article, we will list a few places that should be on your itinerary when visiting Krakow. Keep reading to learn more about these places.

The most interesting tours of Krakow

For a city as touristy as Krakow, the best way to get to know the city is through a tour. This is especially true if you visit Krakow in the summer. The best tour companies offer a wide range of activities, from guided walks to themed cooking classes. We can’t recommend a tour we haven’t participated in ourselves, so we’re sure you’ll enjoy these tours too! -A guided tour of Wawel Castle is a great way to see the most famous part of Krakow. A guided tour will take you to the castle walls, where you can admire the city from above. You can also explore the underground world of the fortress, which includes a dungeon and a chapel from the time when the castle was the residence of Polish kings. -A guided tour of Krakow’s Jewish Quarter is an excellent way to learn about the city’s history. The tour will take you through the Jewish Quarter, where you can visit the Gate of Death, a medieval gate that was the entrance to the ghetto. The tour will also allow you to see some of the city’s most important monuments, including the former synagogue and the Great Synagogue. -The Krakow Food Tour is another great way to get to know Krakow. The tour will start at the Main Square and end at the nearby Kruszynianka Market. Along the way, your guide will teach you about local delicacies and how to prepare them at home. -Krakow Walking Tour is another great way to explore the city. The walk takes you through the Old Town, where you can visit the Main Square, St. Nicholas Church and several other important sights.


tours of Cracow

If you are visiting Krakow, you should definitely make a detour to Wawel Castle. A tour of the famous fortress can be arranged in many different ways, but we recommend a guided tour. The tour will allow you to see Wawel Castle’s numerous buildings. You can also visit the Castle Museum, which houses a rich collection of artifacts related to Polish history and culture. -Touring Wawel Castle is interesting not only for its architecture. It is also the place where Polish monarchs were crowned. Therefore, it is interesting to see the buildings that were used during the coronations of the kings of Poland.


Kazimierz is an excellent place to visit in Krakow. It is an area that is full of interesting buildings and museums. The best tour companies like Seekrakow can arrange a guided tour of this district, which is filled with both Polish and Jewish architecture. -A tour of Kazimierz will allow you to see numerous buildings, including the Jewish Synagogue. You’ll also see the Royal Castle and some of the city’s most important museums.

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